• How to Ask for a Promotion


    You’ve been totally killing it at work and you’re ready for a promotion. But do you know how to ask for one?

    You’ve already brushed up on your leadership skills, and you’re ready for some additional career growth. Your next step is to position yourself for a promotion. Understanding the process of asking for a promotion will act as your blue-print for success.

    6 steps to asking for a promotion
    Research the position and title you want to aim for
    Define your value to the company
    Pick the right time to ask
    Do the work ahead of time
    Practice how you're going to ask
    Be prepared to back up your case

    How to ask for a promotion
    Planning to ask your boss for a promotion is no small task and the process for preparing to isn't either. These steps seem simple enough to follow, but it’s important to note that the complete process can take anywhere from three to six months when done correctly. 

    1. Do your research
    The first step to any sort of career planning should always be completing thorough research. You’ll want to spend this part of the process gathering as much outside information as possible to bolster your case.

    2. Define your value
    Now that you have an idea of what sort of promotion you should be aiming for, it’s time to make the case for why you’re the person who deserves it. This is the part of the process that most people feel uncomfortable with because they’re uncomfortable with bragging about themselves. You need to kick that way of thinking to the curb.

    3. Consider the timing
    The ‘when’ you ask for a promotion is just as important as the ‘how’ you ask for a promotion. While there is never a perfect time to ask for a promotion, you’ve got the next best thing already built into your relationship with your manager – your performance appraisal.

    This time has already been scheduled to review and discuss your annual performance with your boss which is what makes it as good a time as any to set yourself up for a promotion. You may consider using this time that you’re preparing to ask for a promotion as an opportunity to prepare for your upcoming performance appraisal. It never hurts to be prepared!

    4. Front-load your promotion request
    Wouldn’t it be great if your boss could just read your mind and know you want a promotion? Sadly for us, it doesn’t work that way. That’s why you need to do what’s called “front-loading” your promotion request before you make the big ask. Start doing the work to secure your promotion now, so that asking your boss for a promotion later will be a breeze.


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