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    Job Portal Site: As we know, job portal, especially in the present-day scenario, plays an important role in bridging the gap between the recruiters and the job seekers. On the other hand, the recruiters also look for the candidates that possess the right talent, qualification, aptitude, and efficiency that can fulfill the vacancy.

    Updating Job Portals:
    One should be ready with an updated resume that includes professional skills before performing online jobs search or register job seekers websites.

    Correct Interpersonal Skills:
    Depending on whether you’re experienced or a fresher, you should put the filters on the portals so that you get the job.

    Resume Formats:
    The format is neat and organized, and it is easy to add and subtract experience from the document. However, this format might not be the best choice if you have gaps in your work history.

    Keep your resume crisp Everyone’s fighting for time in today’s world. No one has time to go through paragraphs to understand your potential. Make your resumes short and retain only interesting stuff.

    Research the company:
    It always amazes me that people miss out this basic step. Not just freshers, but even experienced folks walk into an interview without making an effort to read up on what the company does.

    Practice your introduction:
    Most people have short attention spans. You’re competing for attention with so many others. Start your introduction strong so that you capture the listener’s attention.

    Curate your online presence
    One interview is usually never enough for the interviewer to figure out you’re perfect for the job . And there’s usually a line of candidates who will also go through the process before/after you. Once the company decides that you make the shortlist, many also search for you online to see if there’s anything else they find. Maintain a LinkedIn profile, even if you don’t have work experience. LinkedIn has a public part of the profile that shows up when someone searches your name.


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