• How To Prepare For Interview

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    Preparing for an interview is the most crucial part for any job seeker, because it’s the first impression of yours. And can create a long-lasting image.
    There are several tips which can be beneficial to prepare for an interview:-

    1.    Knowledge about the company
    2.    Knowledge about the profile
    3.    Be Presentable
    4.    Be Confident
    5.    Conduct mock interviews
    6.    Carry all the required documents 
    7.    Create an attractive resume
    8.    Listen carefully
    9.    Answer confidently
    10.    Positive body language

    1.    Knowledge about the company – Before going for an interview, perform research on the company, what the company is all about, its accomplishments, it’s goals and targets, it always helps to create an impression.

    2.    Knowledge about the profile – Being an interviewee you should have the thorough knowledge for the post you are being interviewed for and prepare beforehand. It will make you more confident and different from others.

    3.    Be presentable – First impression is the last impression and to create it wear a clean, ironed and smart clothes, no messy hair, the way you present yourself will make a big impact on interviewer, it also builds up the confidence level.

    4.    Be Confident – Your confidence will win half of the battle, the more you are confident will increase the chances of selection. Don’t show you are scared, nervous and doubtful about your own abilities, believe in yourself.

    5.    Conduct mock interviews – It’s advisable to conduct few mock interviews, sit in front of mirror or with friends and family and prepare yourself, this practise is to build your confidence level as well as your knowledge and your speech. Never go for an interview unprepared, it gives a very bad impression.

    6.    Carry all the required documents – it’s always suggested to carry few extra copies of your resume and rest of the other documents required. 

    7.    Listen carefully – Always listen to the interviewer properly than answer, don’t jump in between the question, it leaves wrong impression on the interviewer, listen carefully than answer it with a confidence and energy. 
    8.    Answer confidently – Be very confident while answering, it’s an integral part of an interview, maybe you are not sure about the answer but the way you speak, and your confidence level always create a positive impression. Show your capabilities and your skills, sell yourself.

    9.    Create an attractive resume – Create your resume in such a way that it consists all the information. Don’t use jargons and dispensable data. You should be aware about your resume what is in it. Because interviewer can ask anything from it.

    10.    Positive body language- Body language is defined as the non-verbal communication between two individuals, your facial expressions, body posture, eye movement and other body gestures should be positive, by looking nervous, hyper, stammering or overconfidence can ruin the interview. Stay normal, calm and poise and listen to them.



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