Candidate Verification

Employers who won’t take adequate steps to really know their employees beyond what is written on paper are vulnerable to different kinds of frauds which can otherwise be prevented

BACKGROUND SCREENING IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ANY EMPLOYER and the environment that India is operating in is evolving and is extremely dynamic today and the best way to combat is to be prepared and open to change the way one has been operating.

Candidate Verification ensures a productive, ethical and safer work environment, thereby reducing employee turnover. All organizations, irrespective of the area of operation, should conduct candidate verification to minimize the risks of deceit and frauds and to safeguard themselves against monetary and reputational losses.

JobGuru’s Candidate Verification process enables you to take hiring decisions based on trust by authenticating the credentials of prospective employees like their Personal Information, Contact Details, Aadhaar number, PAN number etc. 

Get faster, more accurate and detailed reports along with benefits like:

Identity Authentication through any National ID

Proprietary criminal database with advanced algorithms for intelligent searches

Accurate, quality background checks with detailed reporting

Data security compliant with global standards

Discreet and confidential process to handle sensitive information

A comprehensive Candidate Verification solution for companies of all sizes and shapes

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