• Ways to Successfully Change Careers


    A career change can seem tricky to someone who hasn’t done it before. Believe me, I was skeptical the first time I tried to get a job outside of the nonprofit field. But my own experience with looking to change careers gave me skills that I’ve carried over into every job I’ve had since.

    If you're looking to pursue career growth outside your current field, you've come to the right place. Speaking from experience, you probably already have the goods, you just need to know how to package them. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how you can successfully change your career.

    1. Reflect on your current situation
    The first step you should take when deciding to change careers to reflect on your current situation. What do you like about the job you have right now? What makes you good at that job? Take the time to think about the positives of your current situation and think about what you’d like to carry into your next career.

    2. Pinpoint your strengths
    Using your career change checklist as your guide, complete a self-appraisal and pinpoint your strengths as a professional. What are the things your coworkers would say make you great at your job?

    3.Gather your supplies
    Once you’ve finished the planning phase, it’s time to start gathering your necessary materials.

    You’ll want to start by updating your resume and tailoring it to the industry or new position you want to target. You should be creating several different resumes, each one tailored to the specific job type or industry you’re targeting. It takes more time but it’s worth the effort.

    Consider brushing up on your skills
    If you are willing to wait on your a career change, you could further stack the deck in our favor by brushing up on your skills. You’ve already identified what skills you’re missing for your desired career: taking time to invest in those skills can pay dividends.


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