• When is the Right Time to Quit Your Job without another One Lined Up?


    Usually, the best time to look for a job is when you already have one. Having a new job before you quit the old one is ideal for many reasons, such as:
    •    There is no employment gap in your background
    •    No or limited salary breaks 
    •    The linear career progression is maintained which is more acceptable to recruiters and employers
    However, is it okay to quit your job without having another one lined up? And when is it the right time to do so? Below are some situations in which you should quit your job without already having another:
    1.    When You Cannot Search for a New Job While Working on Your Current One

    Job searching can be very stressful and time-consuming. If you’re looking for a new job while already being employed, you cannot truly give your all to the job search process. You might not have enough time to explore all the opportunities available and certainly not enough time to book interviews. 

    2.    If the Work Stress is Affecting your Health

    Being healthy, whether physically or mentally, is essential and should be a priority for all individuals. If the work, people, or culture is having a negative impact on you, it is time to leave the job. Work stress can consume you and this stress can lead to many things, even worse than anxiety. It can cause sleep deprivation and several illnesses such as diabetes, depression or even a heart attack. Also, if it’s a toxic work environment, then taking a break from it is a good option. 

    3.    If You Have Support From Family and Friends

    Quitting your job without having a backup can be terrifying and having the support of your friends and family can help you get through the tough times. Having people like a group of friends or even a career coach, who knows your strengths and can help you see things more clearly is always better once you leave your job.

    4.    If You Have Enough Savings

    Sometimes, it can take quite a few months to find another job. So, you have to be sure that there are enough savings set aside for you to stay out of poverty. Having no or very little savings in your bank account once you have left your job may force you to accept any job offer there is out of financial necessity. 

    5.    You Want a Balanced Work Life

    Some may prioritize work, while family is a priority for many individuals. If you feel that your job requires most of your time and that you are spending much less time with your family than you would prefer, then leaving your job without a backup is not a bad thing. Family is essential and taking a break from work for your family is alright. 

    6.    Your Pay is the Same but You Have More Responsibilities

    You might be getting more and more tasks to complete each day and if you are working extra hard just to get the same salary you were getting before, then you should consider leaving your job. Your pay should be equivalent to how hard you work, and not getting the right amount of salary is a good enough reason for some individuals to leave their jobs without having a backup at the moment.

    7.    Your Ideas Are Not Being Considered

    Working in a place where your ideas and opinions are not being acknowledged will make you feel less of yourself. If the management does not ask for your suggestions and you do not get invited to group meetings and discussions anymore, then this job is not worth it. 

    8.    Self-Reflection

    Leaving your job without another plan may help open a wide range of opportunities for you that you might not have considered before. Therefore, if you need time to self-reflect, then you should leave your current job.

    In these situations, it is considered alright to quit your job without having another one lined up. Leaving without a backup may even propel your career in the right direction. However, having a backup is preferable. Your savings might just run out when you’re searching for another job!


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