The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 had housemates in a frenzy when they discovered lice in Shivani Kumari's hair. This unexpected incident sparked a wave of reactions, from concern to shock, adding a dramatic twist to the show. By:

The discovery led to immediate actions, highlighting the challenges and unexpected moments that reality TV stars face.

This incident triggered various reactions, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of living under constant surveillance.

Housemates' reactions ranged from shock to empathy, showcasing the real-life challenges within the reality TV environment.

This incident highlighted the personal challenges and hygiene issues that contestants must deal with in the confined space of the house.

This event stirred varied responses, revealing the day-to-day realities and surprises of life on a reality TV show.

The incident prompted immediate reactions and actions, reflecting the unpredictability of life in the Bigg Boss house.

This incident brought an element of reality to the show, as contestants dealt with the surprising and personal issue of lice infestation.

This event added a layer of unexpected drama, highlighting the unique and often personal challenges faced by reality TV participants.

The discovery underscored the unpredictability and real-life issues contestants encounter, making the show even more engaging for viewers.