Title 2

Historic Contest: Kodikunnil Suresh of Congress challenges Om Birla for Lok Sabha Speaker, marking the first contested election in three decades.

Congress's Nomination: Kodikunnil Suresh emerges as the INDIA bloc's candidate for Lok Sabha Speaker, disrupting traditional expectations.

Opposition Stand: Rahul Gandhi asserts Opposition's support for Lok Sabha Speaker candidate contingent on Deputy Speaker post.

Political Maneuvering: Congress and DMK representatives walk out of BJP's meeting, signaling deadlock over consensus.

Oath-Taking Ceremony: Prime Minister Narendra Modi among 262 MPs taking oath on the opening day of the 18th Lok Sabha session.

Key Leaders Sworn In: Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Mahua Moitra, Supriya Sule, and Kanimozhi among leaders taking oath today.

Speaker Election: Scheduled for Wednesday, the election intensifies with contrasting political ideologies.

Stormy Start: Parliament session opens with heated debates on historical issues like the 1975 Emergency.

Opposition Protest: INDIA bloc MPs stage protest, emphasizing democratic principles and Constitution's sanctity.

Future Outlook: Tension mounts as Lok Sabha prepares for critical decisions amidst political challenges.